Native American Art and Artifacts

Interest in Native American Art is on the Rise

What is it about Native American art and artifacts that so intrigues us? The sleek ethnographic lines, sunset sky colors and design motifs have infiltrated the contemporary jewelry, clothing and interior design markets all over the world.

Whether it’s in celebration of this part of our country’s unique cultural heritage or a recognition of its timeless beauty, interest in it has grown steadily, and our Native American art appraisal services are in high demand.

Appraisals of Native American Art and Artifacts

WorthWise has performed Native American art appraisal services for artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries.

We also appraise vintage and contemporary art forms artifacts as contemporary period arts and crafts from the artifacts from Apache, Cheyenne, Navaho, Pima, Plains, Sioux and Pueblo tribes and tribal nations.

Types of art and artifacts appraised include:


bows and arrows, quivers, knives, war clubs, spears, tools, saddles, bridles and pipes


bowls, jars, ollas, trays, tus/water jars, and vases


concho belts, headdresses, moccasins, sashes, and shirts


Beaded, leather, bone, silver and turquoise bracelets, bolas, hair ornaments, necklaces, rings and pendants


dough bowls, jars, seed pots, ollas, pitchers, plates, vases, storytellers, and effigies


Kachinas, rugs, wall hangings, blankets, bags, and sand paintings

Representative artists covered in our Native American art appraisals

  • Joe Aguilar
  • Rosalie Aguilar
  • Eugene Battsoslanii (Navaho Joe)
  • Darryl Becenti
  • Floyd Becenti Jr.
  • Calvin Begay
  • Darryl Cadman
  • Crucita Calabaza (Blue Corn)
  • Denise Chavarria
  • Fritson Chee

  • Loretta (Sunday) Chavarria
  • Stella Chavarria
  • Popovi Da
  • Tony Da
  • Steve Forbis
  • Ted DeGrazia
  • Leonard Good Bear
  • Marie Louise Gould
  • Jim Harrison
  • Guy Hoskie
  • Tommy Jackson

  • Roberta (Bert) Jojola
  • Vernon Jojola
  • Stella Mahn
  • Julian Martinez
  • Maria Martinez
  • Santana Martinez
  • Lois Medina
  • Maria Navasie
  • Steward Quandelacy
  • Ray Tracey
  • Juan Willie
  • Lorraine Waatsa

Tip 1

Make sure when purchasing Indian artifacts that they have been legally acquired. The laws regulating the trade of antique or prehistoric objects from federal and private lands, burial sites or made from endangered species are many and complex. Always investigate the provenance of such objects.

Tip 2

Consider purchasing contemporary Native American art directly from the tribal members who make them wherever possible. Not only does this ensure that the highest level of proceeds return to the tribe, it protects you from purchasing inferior knock offs from both domestic and international manufacturers.