Appraisal Basics – How to Prepare for Appraisal Process

How to Prepare for a Personal Property Appraisal

There are many things you can do to help us before and during the appraisal process to make the process cost and time efficient:

What you can do before the onsite inspection to help appraisal process

Inventory of items

Know which items you want appraised. If there are a lot, make an inventory of them with information such as artist or maker, age, when purchased, price paid, etc.

Collect documents

Collect any documents you have related to the item including receipts, invoices, cancelled checks, certificates of authenticity, auction records, restoration reports, book references, exhibition history, and past appraisals.

Easy access to items

Make your items as easy to access, inspect and photograph as possible. Remove artwork from walls and fragile items from display cases. Place smaller items on a table on top of a towel or pad. Pull furniture away from walls for easy access to the back and under sides. Clear off any surfaces.

Items in a set

Place any items that are part of a set together such as matching candlesticks, china sets and tea services.

Access to basement or storage unit

For items in basements or storage units, make sure there is safe access and plenty of light.

Dusting and cleaning

Lightly dust or clean off your items. Heavy dust may affect the ability to inspect the item or photograph it properly.

Review your appraisal contract

Review your appraisal contract, if applicable, and have it signed and ready to go no later than at the time of the onsite inspection.

During the Onsite Inspection and After

Working area

Have a cleared off working surface and chair available for us to use as a base of operations for a large appraisal project or let us know that we should bring our own.

Your availability

Be available to us in case questions arise or items need to be moved.

Uninterrupted time

If possible, remove children and inquisitive pets from the area to help appraisal process.

Paying fees

Be prepared to pay any fees due as negotiated at the time of the onsite inspection.

Timely follow up

After the inspection, we will probably have additional questions for you. Please answer them as soon as possible to ensure a timely completion of your project.

“Whoever said Disney was the happiest place in the world has never been in an antique store.”

~ Unknown

Tip 1

Provide us with as much information as possible, including old appraisals. We use purchase data and old appraisals for informational purposes only – never to establish current appraised values.

Tip 2

We welcome any and all communications before, during and after your appraisal! We also understand and honor that your time is valuable. Preparing upfront for your appraisal will help ensure that our time during the project is productive and well spent!