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Whether you have a question about our services, a request for appraisal assistance,  or a comment about our website, you can reach us by using the contact form below.

At WorthWise, we strive to respond to your inquiries within 48 hours. However, we receive several inquiries every day, and we encourage you to contact us again if you haven’t heard from us promptly.

Please keep in mind when contacting us that there is always a minimum charge for our appraisal services. Rest assured that you will never be charged any such fees without your prior knowledge or approval. We will always let you know our fee structure and ask permission before we begin performing any valuation services on your behalf.

You may wish to review our Appraisal Costs page before sending us your request. Many of the items we see are not worth the cost of appraising. You’ll find examples of such things on the Appraisal Costs page as well as a Tip for finding out what they may be worth on your own.

Please be as specific as possible in completing this form. The more you tell us about your appraisal needs and the items to be appraised, the better able we will be to answer your questions quickly and effectively. Including as many documents and photos as you can will help to streamline this process.

Requests coming in that only ask for a callback without any details will not be handled as quickly as those with more information included. Requests for us to purchase or make an offer to purchase items will not be answered.

We look forward to seeing your items and answering your requests! 

If you are attaching images of your items please note that this form accepts jpg, pdf, and png image files that together don’t exceed 20 MB in size.

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Send us a message

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