Antiques Appraisal Services

Know the value of your antiques

Who hasn’t inherited some kind of antique or decorative object from a grandparent or picked something up at an estate sale and wondered if we might have a hidden treasure on our hands?

Well, no need to wait for Antiques Roadshow any longer! Whether you know you have a rare and valuable antique, decorative object or collection that you would like to insure, sell, donate, restore, etc. or would like to find out if you do, WorthWise can help you through our antiques appraisal services.


Types of antiques covered in our antiques appraisals

WorthWise has appraised hundreds of kinds of antique and vintage objects from a wide variety of countries, makers and artists throughout the world including:


tables, chairs, chests, desks, sofas, sideboards, beds, sideboards, display cases, etc.

Other Furnishings:

lighting fixtures, mirrors, rugs, trunks, safes, carts, fire screens, coal boxes, umbrella stands, kitchen equipment, etc.

Decorative Art Objects:

art glass, crystal, china, pottery, centerpieces, vases, decanters, bottles, figurines, silver services, metalwork, tapestries, vanity sets, desk accessories, grooming implements, clocks, inkwells, boxes, etc.

American Historical Artifacts and Memorabilia:

Uniforms, hats, chaps, boots, spurs, badges, saddles, bridles, knives, sabers, cartridge belts, flags, guidons, messenger bags, field equipment, photographs, etc.

Other Items:

toys, dolls, books, coins, medals, musical instruments, record albums, minerals, clothing, devotional objects, etc.

Artistic styles and periods covered in a WorthWise antiques appraisal

WorthWise antiques appraisals have covered a wide variety of artistic styles and periods from the 1970’s to the 16th century and beyond including:

    • Art Deco
    • Art Nouveau
    • Bohemian
    • Brutalism
    • Chinoiserie
    • Classical
    • Contemporary
    • Continental
    • Federal
    • French Provincial
    • Hepplewhite
    • Hollywood Regency
    • Jacobean Revival
    • Louis XV Style
    • Mannerism
    • Midcentury Modern
    • Modern
    • Queen Anne
    • Primitivism
    • Renaissance Revival
    • Rococo Revival
    • Sheraton
    • Victorian
    • Windsor

Tip 1

The antique market is a fickle one with tastes coming and going – and values rising and falling with them. Getting a current antiques appraisal is a good way to stay on top of the trends.

Tip 2

Always seek the advice of an experienced restoration or conservation professional instead of trying to repair a broken or damaged antique yourself. Poor repair jobs often reduce the value of an antique more than the damage itself!